Collateral Damage

Doug Nufer

October 18, 2015

Ekia jackpot birds blink baseball cards
Objectives theater footprint transit range
Remotely plotted aircraft finish ops
Persistent stare near certainty sign off
Find fix finish exploit and analyze
Host nation tyranny of distances

The touchdown tyranny of distances
Joint special operations baseball cards
Taking a strike exploit and analyze
Developing a target transit range
Of orbits of watch list kill chain sign off
To authorize the touchdown finish ops

The POTUS actioning the finish ops
Sign off the tyranny of distances
Named areas of interest sign off
F3EA, AOR baseball cards
Near certainty commands the transit range
Objectives blink exploit and analyze

Persistent stare, exploit and analyze
Blink authorizing target finish ops
Developing the sigint transit range
To strike the tyranny of distances
Collateral objective baseball cards
Find, fix, and finish damages sign off

So authorizing actioning sign off,
The POTUS birds exploit and analyze
Bed-down location baseball cards
Of Al Qaeda jackpot finish ops
Persistent tyranny of distances
Stare actioning a target transit range

Signals intelligence, the transit range
The POTUS watch list ekia sign off
Birds blink at tyranny of distances
Five eyes exploit and analyze
Blink at near certainty to finish ops
To authorize the POTUS baseball cards

Finish ops exploit and analyze
Baseball cards sign off transit range
Sign off tyranny of distances

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About the writer

Doug Nufer is the author of at least seven novels and three books of poetry. He runs a wine shop in Seattle.

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