Our current sponsor

This week's sponsor, Northwest Associated Arts', was supposed to be here again this week to promote their Neil Gaiman event, but it's sold out! They offered to donate the spot, and so thanks to them, we want to bring your attention to Gay City.

If you haven't seen their amazing sign walking up Pike on Capitol Hill, Gay City is a long standing (twenty years!) organization serving the LGBT community of Seattle. The mandate is big: they focus on health services, connecting people to resources, as well as a vital arts and community building programs.

But one thing we wanted to focus on in this donated sponsorship: did you know Gay City has a 7,000 volume LGBT library? The Micheal C. Weidemann LGBT Library has an online card catalog where you can create an account, and all resources can be checked out for free by any community member with a Washington State ID card.

We want to encourage all Seattle Review of Books readers to consider donating to Gay City, or perhaps consider donating your books or media to their library. Wouldn't it be great if we could increase this resource for a community — whether you are part of it or just an ally — that has given so much to Seattle?