A few good deals on sponsorships, first come first served!

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. We're sold out! If you're interested in a spot in our upcoming group of days, drop us a line on our contact page, or mail us at sponsorships @ our domain.

When we launched the Seattle Review of Books, we knew our sponsorship model was risky. It required training our readers that advertising doesn't have to be horrible, despite pretty much everything else you find on the internet.

But our sponsorship model is working. It allows us to pay for the reviews, poems, and things like memorials for writers we love, and reporting from special events you see here, and allows us to work on upcoming special projects you're going to love. This is all due to our sponsors, and due to our readers checking each sponsor out, and giving them a fair shake.

We're about to release our next block of openings, for August to January, and before we do that, we'd love to clear the last four slots we have remaining in June and July.

  • We made two slots $100 ($50 off!)
  • We made two slots $125 ($25 off!)

Find out more on our Sponsorship page, and view the open dates here. First come first served, and once they're gone, they're gone.