Hugo House is looking for a few good writers

This is a public service announcement: between January 1st and March 31st, Hugo House has open submissions for two very different positions.

The first is the Poet-In-Residence position, which is a two-year title that offers a monthly stipend and paid teaching opportunities. You can read about the current Writers-in-Residence here and apply here.

The second is the Made at Hugo House program, which offers "space and resources to four to six fellows in the Seattle area to complete a proposed project." Those writers get full access to the House's many writing classes, offices, readings, interaction with literary professionals, and a group of dedicated writers at roughly the same stage in their careers. This one is open to poets, memoirists, novelists, journalists, and just about any other literary discipline you can think of. Apply for that here.

My advice for you is this: if you're thinking about applying for either of these positions, you absolutely should. What's the worst that could happen? And if you do apply for these — which, again, you should — don't wait until the last moment. Take your time but also know when to let go of your application. Have a friend — one friend, not all of them — look it over, and then send it out. Who knows? Maybe you'll see your name on this here website when Hugo House announces their newest incoming writers.