Against Dilbert

We've known for years that Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams is a dipshit men's rights activist. He compares women who want equal pay to children. He's said awful things about consent. He endorsed Donald Trump and praised his "clown genius" for a year before the election.

Adams may be a jackass, but he is not, strictly speaking, an idiot. He's kept his politics out of his comic strip, because he understands that people like Dilbert for its inane "boy-oh-boy-bosses-sure-do-suck-am-I-right?" gloss on office politics. If he were to start bleating his politics in his strip, people might start noticing Dilbert for the first time in years. And when people notice a comic strip, that's usually bad news for cartoonists. Comic strips have coasted along in the same haze of mediocrity for decades now. But newspapers are always looking for ways to cut costs nowaday — I'm sure some editors would love to cut a suddenly controversial strip from their pages if it meant they could save a little cash.

To my knowledge, this Sunday's Dilbert was the first time that Adams's politics overtly bled over onto the comics pages. P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula explains the politics behind the strip, which lands squarely on the side of climate change denial.

This strip did run in the Seattle Times on Sunday. If you're a Seattle Times subscriber, you might want to let the paper know how you feel about Adams's garbage pseudo-science on the comics page.