We're publishing Clare Johnson's Post-it Note Project on our Instagram account

Did you know we have an Instagram account? We post pictures around town, libraries, book-related things, and sometimes our Mail Call column, too. But we wanted to do more, so we're partnering with artist Clare Johnson (you've seen her before here) to bring you images from her Post-it Note project every Friday, starting today! Go check them out, but if you don't have an Instgram account, we'll be collecting them here on the last Friday of each month. Here's how Clare describes the project:

Every night before I go to bed I draw on a post-it note, using words and imagery to depict a feeling, thought or memory from the ending day. I see post-its as the epitome of an ordinary effort at remembering, designed to hold on to all the things slipping from your mind. Instead of using them to remember household lists or work deadlines, I make them a visual record of life—acknowledging both the urgency and the ordinariness of my desire to hold on to passing moments. While making these helps me preserve memories, it is also a continual reminder that time passes regardless, and we cannot hold on to everything.

The project currently spans over 10 years, following me through grad school and ex-pat life in England, civil partnership, divorce, and moving back to my native Seattle. At the moment there are over 3,500 drawings, with the number growing nightly.

Post-it Notes may just be the perfect format for Instagram. We're thrilled to have her, and hope you follow us to see the posts in your feed when they come up.