Bruce Haring at Deadline reports that Adam Parfrey, the publisher at Port Townsend independent press Feral House, has died.

Parfrey's anthology Apocalypse Culture was the first countercultural text I ever encountered; it taught me how to cultivate critical thought at a time when the rise of institutional and corporate power was unquestioned by the mainstream media. I know I am not alone; the Apocalypse Culture books specifically, and Feral House's books in general, provided a window into a world that was weirder, more passionate, and more intellectually curious than most of the other books you could find at a Borders or Barnes & Noble at the time.

I hope Feral House continues sharing Parfrey's vision with the world for years to come. There's still a need for his outsiders' perspective — in fact, Parfrey's eagerness to question authority is more necessary now than ever. I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude, and so do tens of thousands of readers around the world.