Thursday Comics Hangover: The comic shops need your help

Every Wednesday, customers pour into Seattle's comic shops to buy their favorite titles from the week's shipment of new comics. This week, that ritual became the latest casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the Seattle area's comics shops are open for business and welcoming customers; we don't encourage that you browse these shops. Quite simply, a new comic is not worth the life of the most compromised person in your life. But almost all of the comics shops in the area are offering shipping, curbside pickup, and other amenities to keep you stocked in new comics for the duration of your self-quarantine. Here's a list:

  • Arcane Comics & More is offering $5 flat fee shipping.

  • Comics Dungeon is also offering mail order.

  • Fantagraphics Books' free shipping sale ended yesterday, but they will did provide a few nifty pandemic reading lists for everyone — from escapist fare to apocalyptic books for those who want to just roll around in the doom of it all.

  • Golden Age Collectables is happy to mail you any comics, games, toys, or movie memorabilia your heart desires.

  • The Grumpy Old Man's Comics, Art, & Collectables is offering shipping and doorstop pickup.

  • Outsider Comics offers curbside pickup.

  • Phoenix Comics & Games is offering mail order, curbside pickup, and courier delivery.

  • Push/Pull gallery in Ballard offers online orders and has a handy guide to helping the store at the bottom of the website – something every comics store should consider right now.

If you can, please patronize a few of those stores. The next few weeks are going to be tough for them, and the comics business is famously unprofitable. Our spending right now is more than just about keeping us entertained; it's about choosing what kind of a city we want to find when we emerge from this quarantined coma. A Seattle without comic book stores wouldn't feel like Seattle at all.