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We've written about Noveltease Theatre before: the local woman-founded burlesque theatre that adapts books into shows, with a sex-positive, queer, feminist bent.

Did you know, in fact, that the term burlesque originally described books? It's parody, satire, and fun, all rolled up into a fun stage show by veteren Seattle burlesque performers who know how to show audiences a good time.

Noveltease's latest production is bound to be a doozy: Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey! There are still a few tickets left for Friday and Saturday's performance in U-district, don't miss out!

About Northanger Abbey

What: Northanger Abbey
Where: The Audtiorium at U-Hieghts
When: November 15 & 16

Cathy Moreland imagines her life will be exactly like the heroines of her favorite novels. She’s not wrong. As two sets of potential friends and lovers vie for Cathy’s affections, she is drawn ever closer to the world she’s read about in books — full of ancient edifices, horrid family secrets, and mysterious personages. But Cathy must learn to separate her expectations from reality if she wishes to unlock the secrets of the fabled Northanger Abbey.

Noveltease’s production of Northanger Abbey parallels Austen’s satire on the gothic romance to the 1960s pulp novel with camp, humor, and jazz.

Northanger Abbey will be performed on November 15 & 16 at The Auditorium at U-Heights, where Noveltease is a resident company in the U-Heights Theatre Alliance. Directed by Nikki Przasnyski (Boeing Boeing, Second Story Rep), Northanger Abbey features Noveltease Core Company members Onyx Asili, Jesse Belle-Jones, Cheeky Diamondz, Fosse Jack, Al Lykya, Trixie Paprika, Sailor St. Claire and Polly Wood alongside guest artists Willy Nilly and Verity Germaine. Northanger Abbey is adapted by Fosse Jack and Sailor St. Claire, choreographed by Fosse Jack and Al Lykya, with lighting design by Angelo Domitri and set design by Jyles Rodgers.

Noveltease Theatre productions are suitable for persons ages 18+