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This week’s sponsor is Mineral School, the most welcoming residency program around. Each year, Mineral School hosts writers and visual artists at all stages of their careers at an old elementary school in a lake town near Mt. Rainier. If you’re one of 2020′s residents, you’ll sleep and work in your own classroom, take contemplative (or vigorous! you’re in charge!) walks or swims at gorgeous Mineral Lake, and enjoy the company of other residents over great food provided by this year’s guest chefs.

Each session features a visiting artist presentation held over an after-dinner dessert potluck, and 2020's lineup so far features writers such as fiction writer Corinne Manning, poet Ever Jones, fiction writer Ruby Hansen Murray, Portland poet Claudia Savage, and visual artist Carina del Rosario.

Curious about applying? Head to Hugo House on Saturday February 1 from 3-5 pm for an info session with Mineral School and other local programs (free! with snacks!) and artists who have attended them. Mineral School has a generous array of fellowships, too. You can check them all out on our sponsor feature page.

February 15 is the deadline for applications for this year’s residency. Hey, that’s just one day after Valentine’s Day! Mineral School has won our hearts; won’t you give them yours, too? Check their application here.

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About the residency

Top 10 reasons (aside from 10 fellowships) to attend a Mineral School residency (apps are due by 2/15/20) this coming summer. If you need more reasons write us at mineralschoolarts@gmail.com, or check out our application which has all the details.

  1. You will get amazing amounts of work done while living in a giant classroom with chalkboards, views of town, and plenty of space to pin up art, drafts, or knickknacks that inspire you. Here's a view with all the blinds up!

  2. You'll expand your creative community with new friends from within and beyond the Pacific Northwest. Not only do we host writers and visual artists, but we're run by writers and visual artists (many alums come back to do this!) who cook for you and emcee your residents' reading and run our daily paper, The Mineral Daily Minute.

  3. You'll hear the lore of small-town Mineral, WA, from its lurid origins as a gold-mining town turned to arsenic mining, its site of the first UFO sighting in 1947, its backdrop for the tube sock murders, plus the collected works of the late local gossip columnist Jean Shields, and these unique stories will fill you with awe and wonder at the human condition. If these trains could talk! That's Margaret Lee '17...

  4. You'll eat very well. We work with a CSA farm (Frey Family Farm) to source amazing produce and eggs, our cooks are put through rigorous menu planning exercises, and we cook around common food allergies/lifestyles. 3 meals/day, kids!

  5. You'll talk to people who don't vote like you, and vice versa. It's just going to happen.

  6. You'll hear coyotes and tree frogs at night, and see deer and moose in the back field...and wake to rumbling log trucks in the morning.

  7. You'll be walking distance to a gorgeous lake, and about 20 miles from Mt. Rainier National Park. You can take walks on logging roads.

  8. The Headquarters Tavern. Even if you don't drink, there's a hot fryer and the wi-fi password is witty and old guys sit at opposite ends of the bar and holler at each other about fishing and there's a motorcycle gang called The Apple Dumpling Gang which visits. We held a reading there once! There's pool and karaoke, too. There's Max Loskutoff reading at the tavern!

  9. Resident readings are dessert pot lucks and we've got some fierce bakers in town. Leslee Dunlap's carrot cake is a thing but lately she's moved into cheesecakes. Dolly Christianson has pioneered a pot luck accessory we call a "dessert purse."

  10. You might go outside your comfort zone on a kayak excursion, cemetery poetry reading, a trip to the tavern, or a gander at the R-rated parts of Recycled Spirits of Iron sculpture park. It's all in a day's work, artists!

Mineral School is an artists residency located in a former 1947 elementary school near Mt. Rainier, in Mineral, Washington. During 2020 we're offering four two-week residency periods to poetry and prose writers, and visual artists, as well as a one-week session just for parent artists supported by the Sustainable Arts Foundation, providing accepted applicants with space and time to jam on their work. What are you waiting for? The link here helps you apply!