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What makes effective advertising? Some culture-wrecking unethical websites we know of would tell you that if you "target" people based on their interests and traits, you will have the highest returns for your advertising dollar. Yeah, that’s what they call it. “Target”, like you’re the dupe with the red circles painted on your back.

Does it really work? Maybe if you’re selling yoga pants, or diapers, and you’re dealing with the mass market it might do well to tie your advertising dollar to something people are requesting on their home listening devices en masse. If you’re a commodity, all of your advertising is commodity, too.

But if you’re trying to reach authentic people who would care about what you have to offer, then targeting is the worst kind of needle-in-a-haystack. Have you ever listened to those automated playlists on Spotify and thought “why the heck do they think I like that?” If so, you’ll know exactly why algorithms can’t be completely trusted.

That’s why we believe in sponsorships here at the award-winning Seattle Review of Books. Our program allows you to get your book, or book-related event, in front of book buyers and book lovers. We may not have billions of users readers, but you can bet your bottom dollar that every single one loves books. Not, mind you, as a “category” or an “interest”, but as an authentic passion. There is literally no other reason to read this site.

Right around the corner, we’re going to releasing our Fall and Winter sponsorship blocks. Get your mouse-button ready, because they go extra fast. Want to test the water? We have a few last minute slots in July we’re prepped with amazing discounts. Grab one now and see just how effective it is that your advertising dollars go to support writers, poets, and artists, instead of billionaire venture capitalists. Keep your money in Seattle, and see how it pays dividends.