Our current discounted rate is $150 a week (Please contact sponsorships @ this domain if you want to book past the last date shown below — we're happy to talk). Slots are assigned first-come, first-served.

If you're ready to book, follow the instructions below. Have questions? contact sponsorships @ this domain, or fill out the form on the sponsorships page.

It's easy to book:

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October 16 - October 22 Booked n/a
October 23 - October 29 Reserved n/a
November 6 - November 12 Reserved n/a
November 13 - November 19 Reserved n/a
November 20 - November 26 Booked n/a
November 27 - December 3 Reserved n/a
December 4 - December 10 Reserved n/a
December 11 - December 17 Reserved n/a
December 18 - December 24 Reserved n/a
December 25 - December 31 Reserved n/a
January 1 - January 7 Reserved n/a
January 15 - January 21 Reserved n/a
January 22 - January 28 Reserved n/a
January 29 - February 4 Reserved n/a
April 2 - April 8 Reserved n/a
April 9 - April 15 Reserved n/a
May 21 - May 27 Reserved n/a
February 5 - February 11 Reserved n/a
February 12 - February 18 Reserved n/a

2. Payment type

Your total is $0. We'll send you an invoice and you can pay by check or credit card.

  1.   I plan on paying with a credit card. If you want, you can use a debit card with Square Cash right now — you can pay using our cashtag: $seattlereviewofbooks. Otherwise, when you receive the invoice, you can pay with all major credit cards. We'll hold your reservation for one calendar week to receive payment.
  2.   I'll send a check. We'll send an invoice you can print out and send in, with our address. We'll hold your reservation for one calendar week to receive payment.

3. Give us some information

What we'll need two weeks before we run your sponsorship (and you can paste this in now, or send later):

  1. The chapter (or content) from the sponsored book, in a digital format
  2. The link you'd like the purchase button to point to

A nice human will follow up with you for confirmation and to make sure everything looks great. Thank you for your interest!

TERMS: A few things you need to agree to before we can book your sponsorship:

  1. I understand that for conflict-of-interest reasons, any book that becomes a sponsor will be ineligible for review on the site.
  2. I understand that if I need to cancel my sponsorship, The Seattle Review of Books keeps a 20% fee, up to the Monday before my ad will run, after which refunds are not possible.
I agree to these terms