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Ready to book? Curious about pricing and availability?

We want to put your words in front of our readers. It's that simple.

We offer one-week sponsorships, where we publish a full chapter from your work, with clear links to purchase it. We put a very noticeable, attractive ad on every content page in our site. Every review, every note. You will be noticed. Take a look at our current sponsor.

Your sponsorship will go up Monday, and last through the following Sunday. We will put a note up of thanks when it goes up, and a mention on our Facebook and Twitter feeds Monday, then again on Saturday, afternoon.

We offer two kinds of sponsorships

Event sponsorships are for readings, signings, festivals, and other date-bound events. We'll feature your poster or artwork, details, and some fantastic promotional text to get people excited.

Book sponsorships are centered around a work you are promoting. We set our site up so that running full chapters from your work is beautiful, elegant, and a nice reading experience for potential buyers.

We can mix and match, so if you're an author having an event, you get both working for you.

Sponsorships are inexpensive and effective.

And, for now, they offer a complete buyout of the site. You can find rates, and book a sponsorship, right here. Use the form on this page, or email sponsorships @ this domain, if you have questions.

Who are sponsorships for?

  • Indie Authors
    There are so few places to advertise where book buyers will see your work, and even fewer where you don't go through a massive ad network. This is a unique, and elegant, way to get your words in front of readers who care about books.

  • Publishers
    Get the word about your catalog out to folks who will read them.

  • Festivals
    If you want to attract readers to your event, put your ad dollars to target a place where readers gather.

Is there another way to support the Seattle Review of Books?

We're not a non-profit, so we don't take donations, or payments like Patreon. But, if you want to support us, we would be happy to sell you a discounted sponsorship, and use it to talk about a book you love and want to promote. Just so long as you have no financial interest in the book's success, we'd put together a great promo to bring it to our reader's attention, and you'd be helping us pay for the great content you see every week.

Ready to book? Curious about pricing and availaility?

Or contact us for general sponsorship questions