You may have noticed that we published a wonderful poem by Kelli Russell Agodon this morning. It's the debut of a new SRoB feature: every Tuesday, we'll present a poem by a local poet.

Here's the way it works: we reach out to a poet and ask for a selection of poems to look over. We work with the poet to select the poem that's right for SRoB. We then publish the poem and pay the poet for their work. And we work with the poet to choose the next local poet who will appear on our site next Tuesday.

We present this poetry chain as a way to illustrate the many connections between Seattle's fantastic community of poets. We expect to discover new authors through this process, and we look forward to becoming reacquainted with some old friends, too. We hope you'll check in with us every Tuesday morning to meet our newest poet.

If you love the poem, be sure to click on the author name to learn more. (Did you know that Kelli Russell Agodon is also a publisher? You do now!)

And if you're excited to have a new venue in town that pays poets for their work, be sure to check out our weekly sponsorship page, which provides us with the revenue to pay our poets and our freelance reviewers. If you like the book, buy it. If not, wait until next week and check out our new sponsor. Either way, you're helping take part in a new revenue model that gives back to Seattle's writing community on a weekly basis.