Dear all literate adults of drinking age in Seattle: The Seattle Public Library is hosting a happy hour at the Diller Room on Monday, October 19th. Why more libraries don't encourage drinking, frankly, is beyond me. This happy hour is part of a new program that's running next month. I'll let SPL explain:

Throughout October The Seattle Public Library brings you Booktoberfest, a celebration of books and beer at venues all over the city. Check out additional events, including Librarians’ Revenge Trivia Rounds, Bookish Happy Hours, ‘Ales from the Crypt: Spooky Stories ‘n Suds and more. Come join us, grab a pint, and get bookish!

I'd also encourage you to go and meet your librarians and tell them how much you love them and then buy them a beer because librarians are magic people who deserve all the beer you can throw in their general direction. (Related: Have you commented on SPL's brand survey yet? Please do and then tell your friends to do the same; this is important.)