Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin - Kickstarter Fund Project #6

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What's the project this week?

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Arwen Curry.

What do they have to say about the project?

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin, a feature documentary, explores the remarkable life and legacy of the groundbreaking 86-year-old author.

What caught your eye?

This one is pretty self-evident. Le Guin is one of the greats. Like so many, the Earthsea books cracked open my mind when I was a kid, and my mom read them to me, a little bit at bedtime over months. A school for wizards? Whoa. What an amazing thing to consider, and her mix of beautiful prose, great humanity, and startling insight into the minds of all kinds of characters cemented her legacy. And then she wrote a ton of other great books.

The filmmakers have Le Guin's full cooperation. This will be a rare and privileged look into the woman who created so many great works.

And, even better, she's a Northwest writer — she's lived in Portland since 1959.

Why should I back it?

Because, odds are, you're a Le Guin fan as well, and the idea of watching a few hours of her talking about her writing — as well as interviews with other writers like Michael Chabon and Margaret Atwood, is just thrilling.

"Any kind of imaginative fiction trains people that there are other ways to do things and other ways to be. There is not just one civilization, and it is good, and it is the way we have to be. It trains the imagination." - Le Guin, from the video.

The rewards, especially if you dig deep into your purse, are good. Signed artificats, and even a 1-minute audio answer to a writing question from Le Guin herself. But, like all films, the reward is the film itself.

How's the project doing?

20 days to go, and they've up over $140k of their $80k goal, so quite well. But, like I said last week, filmmaking is expensive. This money they're raising secures another funding grant that covers most of their costs, but they will use every penny we throw at them, and then some.

Do they have a video?

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