Well, this is huge.

Now after 13 years of remarkable rewards, a ton of laughs, hard work, good cheer, and so many remarkable children and families in my life, I’m ready to start new projects, write new stories, and make time for yet more fearless adventures.

The timing is right. We have weathered some big changes in the organization and will be returning to our remodeled post-gas-explosion site in a few weeks. BFI has a terrific, inventive professional staff in place that promises to take the organization to new heights. We just had our most successful PEG ever, and the outpouring of support from the community after the explosion was truly moving. It’s time for big new ideas from big, new thinkers.

In case you needed a reminder that Teri Hein is absolutely the best, the announcement also comes in the form of a (PDF) comic book illustrated by David Lasky which doubles as a writing contest.

Teri Hein created the Bureau of Fearless Ideas as a branch of Dave Eggers's wonderful 826 National series of nonprofit youth writing organizations. In the time since, she has crafted the organization into something uniquely Seattle. I fully expect Hein to continue her relationship with the BFI, and I can't wait to see where the organization goes next.