Hugo House in the (new) House!

How excited are we to have Hugo House as a sponsor? More than you can know. Unless you've taken a Hugo House class, or been to a reading there, or met with one of their writers in residence, or gone to a one-day workshop, or....well, if you know Hugo House, you know why they're excited.

They want you to know they're in their new digs on First Hill, next to the Frye Art Museum. They have a ton of great events coming up, but pay attention! The awesome Write-O-Rama on June 25 os a great way to get a feel for the classes Hugo House offers without a big commitment. Read more about it on our Sponsor's page, and pick up tickets as soon as you can.

It's thanks to sponsors like Hugo House, and readers like you, we sold out this season of our sponsorships. We couldn't be more thrilled. If you'd like to be notified when we release the next block, sign up for our low-volume sponsors' mailing list.