In advance of tonight's #JournalismSoWhite event at Town Hall, we wanted to recall our own diversity reports, written by our Public Diversity Editor, Vanessa Willoughby.

We published Vanessa's first report on September 7th of this year. We think her observations and analysis of our work on this issue were right on-point.

As she pointed out: "Whether it be diverse representation in film or a diverse workplace, sometimes diversity doesn’t necessarily mean equality. A company could mistakenly believe that they’re diverse because they have a few people of color in an otherwise very white staff."

The day after we published her piece, we responded. Vanessa has agreed to come back at regular intervals and gauge our growth on these important issues.

We call on all publications to take the simple step we did — let an outside auditor evaluate your diversity, so that any tallies or calculations are free of your own internal biases. We'd love to see a media landscape where publications are held to task for the important work of inclusivity.