The Cult of Iuvenis Invictus

(for Abbey, Belle, Circa, Fiddleback, Fritz, Oscar, Sideway, Toast, and Zan)

The Vixen pinks his way through whiskers,
strikes a nice plié,
then knocks a shot of Jäger back,
and drops some Fourier.

The shaven Lion shyly strides
beside his own conceit:
a guileless wilding
twice defiled, but innocent and sweet.

Mama Panda and her Pup
(wily as Montaigne)
splay their limbs in slick abandon,
rolling through the rain.

She's a powder-hounded faun
with talcum in her eyes —
he's Dauphin of Malcontrites:
: the locus of surprise.

The Kangaroo who used to wear
a Fox's gold lapel
casts himself on infant seas
and rides each roll and swell

Rainbow Rat, the dayglo champ
of pan-harmonium
wriggles in a bedsty tizzy,
nursing at his thumb.

The Folf-cum-Husky's snugly tucked
and tangled up in blue
and white and glows so bright
he turns the old moon new.

Even Wolves, who play at stern
and sober countenance,
lose themcells in padded selves
and capillary dance:

though shadows blaze through every day
and coruscate the night,
we learn to see beyond the darkness
by each other's light.