Book News Roundup: Four books you should really look into

  • The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless of Ideas has published the newest edition of their annual anthology, What to Read in the Rain. This year's book has a terrific cover illustrated by David Lasky, and it contains pieces by Northwest writers including Tom Robbins, Peter Mountford, Megan Kelso, and David Schmader. It's $15, it supports the BFI, and you can buy it in person at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company or online.

  • The unedited version of Lesley Hazleton's TED Talk about the importance of soul is now available on YouTube. If you haven't yet read Hazleton's recent book, Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto, this video might convince you to finally pick it up.

  • The Seattle Globalist's Mayumi Tsutakawa wrote an excellent profile of Seattle writer Donna Miscolta. And you should read it. And then you should read Miscolta's new book, Hola and Goodbye.

  • Today, independent New York publisher Melville House announced the upcoming publication of a book titled What We Do Now: Standing Up For Your Values In Trump’s America. It features contributions from a terrific list of contributors including Gloria Steinem, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, Dave Eggers, and Paul Krugman. The book will be published on January 17th of next year, which is a tremendously fast turnaround for the publishing industry. You can pre-order it from your local independent bookseller today.