"I like reading books."

On Snapchat, two reporters for brand-new news start-up Axios, Mike Allen and Jim Vandehai, interviewed President-elect Trump about his favorite books. The resulting exchange is reminiscent of Sarah Palin's most famous interview.

...what books are on your nightstand, or what's a book —

Well, you can see some of them over there. You can see some of them right over here. This is one that I just —

Which should we read? Should we read it?

No, I wouldn't say. I mean — [Laughter] It depends on whether you want to read it. This is one. It's very good.

Is there one you actually like that you'd recommend?

I like a lot of books. I like reading books. I don't have time to read very much now in terms of the books, but I like reading them. This one is just one that just came out. CNN. The CNN book just came out. I hear it's doing well.

You're plugging CNN, Mr. President-elect?

No, I'm not, actually, they just sent me those two books. I just got them. These are two books that are good: this one and this one. That one, you know.

Yet again, the distance between Trump and President Obama feels like an insurmountable chasm. Obama is a reader and a writer. Donald Trump doesn't seem to read books at all. He famously has said that he doesn't like to read reports or memos if they go over two or three pages. It is time to come to terms with the fact that our incoming president simply doesn't seem to enjoy reading.