Get Your Tickets Now: Presale for Neil Gaiman and David Sedaris, Short Run Summer School

A couple of neat opportunities you should know about:

  • Northwest Associated Arts is having a special discounted presale for a few upcoming events: Neil Gaiman at Benaroya Hall on November 18th, 2018; David Sedaris at Benaroya Hall on November 19th, 2018; and Anne Lamott at Benaroya Hall on April 7, 2019. Ticket prices will go up after the sale ends, and you should be warned that the presale ends at noon today, so get your tickets now. (Full disclosure: I'm introducing both Gaiman and Sedaris, but I'm not paid to do the introductions outside of two free tickets to each event.)

  • Short Run Comix & Arts Festival is gearing up for their annual Summer School program. This year's classes include some great free opportunities (A comics class in the park taught by Mita Mahato! A comics-themed exporation of low tide pools in Lincoln Park!) and very affordable classes in comics inking, animation, and a couple different kinds of printing. Learn more at Short Run, or check out this nifty graphic: