Kickstart the first Shout Your Abortion book!

Back in 2016, I wrote about local advocacy organization Shout Your Abortion's very first zine. "The first issue of #ShoutYourAbortion celebrates a part of the abortion story that has long been too quiet," I wrote. I speculated that "maybe one day, these [pieces] will be collected into a book — something you can put on your shelf and keep on display forever."

That day is fast approaching. Yesterday, Shout Your Abortion founder Amelia Bonow announced that SYA is launching a Kickstarter to publish their first anthology volume. Here's a video:

Contributors include Lindy West, Lesley Hazleton, Angela Garbes, Robyn Jordan, Emily Nokes, Kelly O, and many more. At about 24 hours into the campaign, the book is already almost halfway funded. But simply funding the book shouldn't be the goal — it's important to get the voices of SYA into bookstores around the country, into the hands of women who might not know that it's okay to celebrate their reproductive health and to shout their abortions to the world. If you're interested in this book, I'd suggest funding the Kickstarter now, to demonstrate your support. The more copies they presell, the more copies they'll be able to bring into the world.