Lit Crawl Itinerary #2: No white dudes

This Thursday night is Lit Crawl, a bacchanalia of literary events spread over four courses across Capitol Hill, First Hill, and downtown. You can find the full schedule here, but we wanted to provide a few possible itineraries for people who have a hard time making up their minds. Come back tomorrow for the next itnerary. Here's our first Itinerary from yesterday.

Tonight's Lit Crawl path is perfect for when you're sick of hearing white guys talk. (And really, in 2017, who isn't fucking sick of hearing white guys talk?)

Phase 1: Start out at Hugo House for the Seattle Urban Book Expo showcase. Local authors Kristin Alana, Kamari Bright, Natasha Rivers, and JL Cheatham II will present work that you may have seen at the increasingly popular literary event.

Phase 2: Next, head to Ada's Technical Books, where Seattle teen services librarian Tess Wilder-Cervantes hosts an evening with YA authors Karen Finneyfrock, Michele Bacon, and Breeana Shields.

Phase 3: Then, run down the hill to Barca for the Kundiman Fellows reading, featuring "some of the finest Asian-American poetry and prose writers in the PNW." Readers include Shankar Narayan, Neil Aitken, Jordan Alam, Kale Kim, and Troy Osaki.

Phase 4: Finally, at the Pine Box, Seattle poet Sarah Galvin brings two of her favorite poets to town: Bellingham poet and memoirist Robert Lashley and Oregon poet/musician Timmy Straw.