Join UW Libraries on May 2 for dinner featuring Ted Chiang

Every year the University of Washington Libraries host Literary Voices, a dinner to support the Libraries and this year, to provide scholarships for its student staff — a lovely idea and one from which we all benefit. Each year the keynote address is stunning; this year, the featured guest is Ted Chiang. Chiang's writing brought a kind of imagination back to hard science fiction that a lot of readers had stopped expecting, and he's applied the same lens, terrifyingly, to the giants of tech. It's sure to be a fascinating speech.

But wait: as excited as we think you should be about seeing Chiang, your hosts for dinner deserve equal attention. Every table at the event is shepherded through the meal by a notable Seattle writer or Pacific Northwest writer: Claudia Castro Luna, Ross McMeekin, Ijeoma Oluo, and more. You can see the full list on our sponsorship page. Get your tickets now; they'll go fast.

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